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Marissa Ivestor

Marc Smith



                      Integrity Foundation exists as a bridge to connect individuals, churches, businesses and

organizations;  to advocate for people around the world to help meet their spiritual, economic, social

and physical needs while enabling them to become self-sufficient, responsible human beings.

In 2002, Brian Byler started Integrity Medical with Foundation 
co-founder, Marc Smith. Together they have spent the last 10+ years building a business & reaching out to hospitals & organizations
within  the community to fight on behalf of those struggling with
their  health. They have made it a mission to partner with local organizations & raise money in the fights against ALS, Multiple
Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, & much more. In 2013, they partnered
with Chariots For Hope & Cure International on a trip to Africa, & that
trip played a significant part in the start of Integrity Foundation. Utilizing the connections & knowledge that they have obtained over the years, they have set their sights on raising money & continuing to travel to Africa to serve in the orphanages in Kenya & Uganda.



Board Members:

 Brian Byler


Angela Feeser